About Us

Alternative Care Initiatives believes wholeheartedly that children belong in families and in their communities, not in child care institutions, and that institutions should be used as a temporary measure when a family disruption takes place. We do recognise the local governments and organisations now implimenting programmes to preserve families, resettle children back into families and find alternative family-based placements within Uganda.

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  • Supporting coordination of Government alternative care activities - assessment of children's homes, the alternative care
    panel and related child protection issues.

  • Smiley face Supporting organisations in the planning, development and implementation (and evaluation) of family evaluation, resettlement and alternate care sttegies. Research relating to institutional care - funding stream analysis (Elevate funder groups), International Institute of Social Studies (Netherlands).

  • Supporting and monitoring children from orphanages that have been closed.

  • Economic empowerment and parenting support for the families and communities of reintegrated children.

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  • Giving a voice to children and adults who have experienced growing up in care facilities www.uganda-care-leavers.org

  • Alternative care website, active facebook group (2000 members and growing) and awareness campaigns

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  • African-wide alliance (supported by Hope and Homes for Children) to end institutional care and develop/promote
    alternatives, systems strengthening and undertake related researchp>

  • Reuniting children trafficked for international adoption or 'lost' in the ‘institutional’ care system back to their families / communities

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